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Floyd the Cockerel @ Etive restaurant

The Lohmann Brown Chickens Etive restaurant

As growing our own vegetables and sourcing the most local produce possible is our number one goal here at Etive Restaurant we couldn’t resist having our own chickens!!

So we now have 5 plus a cockerel!

The Lohmann Brown is an egg-laying breed of chicken. It is of hybrid origin, and selectively bred from New Hampshires and other brown egg laying breeds. They lay at about 18 weeks, laying about 1 egg per day and laying up to 300 brown eggs a year. Eggs are laid daily, normally dawn or dusk. They are a very inquisitive breed of chicken.

They have settled in perfectly to there new home and are already laying around 4 eggs a day that we are using for breakfast needless to say our guest love them!!