New Polytunnel for Freshness and Sustainability

Freshness and sustainability are key to a great restaurant.

Polytunnel Taynuilt Hotel

View of the polytunnel at Taynuilt Hotel.

The main component, whether it is meat, fish or vegetables should be as fresh and vibrant as can be but this should also be true of the accompaniments as the rest of the dish should be as fresh to help elevate the main attraction, the reason you ordered the dish.

A Richer Dining Experience in our Restaurant

The flavour you get from fresh ingredients really does make the dining experience better overall, it looks better on the plate with bright, vibrant colours, the flavours stand out more and work together better and with well paired drinks it compliments even more it truly completes the dining experience.

It is the above that drove us to build our own polytunnel to start growing much of our own vegetables and herbs. We are lucky to have an excellent fruit and veg supplier and the produce they supply is fantastic but to have a dish in your head and prepare by collecting the ingredients a short walk from your kitchen is very satisfying.

Taynuilt Hotel homegrown tomatoes

Our homegrown tomato plants. We’re just waiting for the tomatoes to grow!

We probably started a little late this year when we made the decision to build our polytunnel and it is still very much trial and error. Some things seem to work very well growing at a steady rate and others never really establish themselves.

Kale, Potatoes and Artichokes

Our current favourites are the lovely different kale we are growing (Curly and Black), exploding with flavour and becoming main elements on the plate on certain dishes. Our tomato plants that seemed to be not up to very much have suddenly burst in to life and are growing away quite content. Our potatoes are not far from flowering so we are very excited to see how they turn out and our artichoke’s have been fun to watch grow and will also be interesting to see them after we harvest and get them out the ground.

Our herbs that we use as garnish to season and add flavour during cooking are also adding a different component and a deeper flavour. It’s great fun and results in better dishes.

Taynuilt Hotel homegrown potatoes

Homegrown potatoes next to the polytunnel and smoker here at the Hotel.

We welcome anyone to pop their head in the door and ask for a look round and if we are not busy we will gladly talk you through it but best of all come and try our “crops”. We are sure you will enjoy as much as we do.


John McNulty
Head Chef Patron
The Taynuilt Hotel and Restaurant